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Colene Kennedy Championing a Passion for Helping Abuse and Assault Victims

Colene Kennedy took up community activism to make a difference, and she has worked with legislation over the years to uphold victims’ rights and get them the justice they deserve. She has led causes like “Me Too” and “Take Back Your Story” Rallies on Boise Capitol’s steps. Colene takes things a notch higher by mentoring victims speaking up and coming out of abuse through the court system. Beyond activism, she is also an actress, director, writer, public speaker and trainer.

Her life took a positive turn the moment she decided she was done being a victim. She endured the pain of domestic violence and sexual assault for a long time till she discovered herself, which in turn gave birth to her passion for helping others and empowering them to find their voices. In her words, “Awareness educates, education empowers, and empowerment evokes change.” She established Quest for Freedom, a non-profit organization that rescues and empowers domestic violence and sexual assault victims.


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